The Man Ain’t Gonna Keep Me Down

Once I was a newspaper writer, now I’m an internet blogger, we do what we have to do under The Man’s regime. Those of you who have enjoyed my brutally honest and slightly egotistical writings over the years with the Bangkok Post and KhaoSod English, here we meet again. Those who hated my writings, well, you are welcome too. It’s better to be right than to be loved.

The upside is, since there’s no editorial process, you get the raw and unadulterated Voranai. The downside is, it will be riddled with grammatical errors and corruption of the English language.

This blog is a continuation of my works over the years, analyzing deep into the DNA of Thailand and the Thai people. But why write exclusively about one’s own country, when there are issues around the world as nauseating as they are in Thailand? Those familiar with my writings know well that I like to make comparisons between Thailand and other countries of the world. Unto everything there is a context, as such, to understand Thailand’s place in this world is to understand the world.

Therefore, this blog will also be about global issues and world events, from politics to cultures, genders, religions, wars and others.

After all, humans are humans everywhere, with variations. Like the printing on those T-shirts you might find selling on Silom Road at night, amidst the pirated DVDs, fake luxury watches and sex toys made in China, we are all “same same, but different”.

The philosophy behind this blog is: 

  1. I write to examine and educate, not to take side.
  2. Truths and facts may hurt your feelings, but they are still true and factual, and they don’t care about your feelings. (To paraphrase Ben Shapiro.)
  3. We must examine the past to understand the presence, then and only then may we build the future.


7 thoughts on “The Man Ain’t Gonna Keep Me Down

  1. If I click ‘like’ will the hand-grenade be applied shortly after?

    Entertaining style and I look forward to the next installment.


  2. Congratulations Voranai! The philosophy behind the blog is good. The challenge is how to examine the past. The most important page in any history book is the brief biography of the author. He/She is writing through their own lens. Historical ‘fact’ is one thing . Correct interpretation of the meaning and significance of that historical ‘fact’ is another thing. And in recent history we now have ‘alternative facts’. Despite the photos we all know that President Trump had the biggest crowd ever at his inauguration lol. So yes I agree with examining the past but tread carefully, as everyone describes the past through their own biases. Therein lies the wars/rows/fights/divorces of the present. This will be one of the challenges you face when writing your blog. I am sure you know this already but you might want to ‘educate’ your readers on this.


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